Current Activities:

Winter 2020/2021

Unfortunately the current situation in the Netherlands has forced us to shut down all activities for the moment.

Right now we are in the Wielewaal, Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Whenever possible, we organize two weekly events:

  • Gewoon Bewegen -

Wed 16:00, Cultuur Centrum Tarwewijk
  • Butoh Playground -

Fri 19:39, Wielewaal, Rotterdam Zuid


Spring 2021


We got access to a fairly big house with a nice piece of land in countryside in Serbia!

Depending on the global situation, we will start teaching late spring or early summer.

For more information, please email to

How To?

Freely connect with your mASTERs and seduce them to teach you their most basic butoh-resonance-patterns.

Freely deconstruct the patterns into butoh-resonance-pattern-memes.

Freely combine these butoh-resonance-pattern-memes to create our new butoh-resonance-patterns, butoh-resonances, and butoh's.

(shamelessly enjoy, copy, remix, and share)


Some Past Events:

Butoh Desert Camp, , December 2017, Israel