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Google Books

Books to start exploring from. Many authors give the magick in the first few chapters, so just reading the free Sample of these and related books can add already give you new viewpoints and ideas...

Milton Erickson

Erickson is the secret ingredient of the subbody butoh teaching method developed by Lee Rhizome.

Adam Koan

We have here the first of its kind virtual butoh manual. This manual is very heavy with hands-on exercise and simple explanations.

Everything is a teacher, this manual is just one grain of sand in the immense hourglass of life that some might find useful.

It is up to the individual to craft their own butoh.

The manual is about creating creators and visionaries. The main source of inspiration is our own body and psyche.

Start Exploring...

--Adam Koan

Tantrik Shadow Work

Facebook Butoh Research

Meyerhold's Biomechanics