Butoh Camp

in the desert

Israel - December 2018

The first three weeks of December we will organize the second Butoh Camp in the desert.

Exact details are not yet known, but it wil be similar to the 2017 version...

the classes...

the schedule...

the practical side...


We will be serving three meals a day, all meals will have vegetarian/vegan options. For the time in between the meals there will be healthy snacks, to give you some extra energy. And all day there will be water, coffee, tea and lemonade available.

There will also be a Caj-shop run by Stanislav and me (Donna), where you can get, for additional costs other foods and drinks.

Most of the ingredients will come from the local farmers in the Arava and will be freshly bought at the time we need them.


Most of the workshops will be done outside, as the winter desert provides us with magnificent scenery and very comfortable temperatures. For sleeping and the colder days there will be a big (bedouin) tent available. We will be sleeping on mattresses on the floor and we have two wood stoves for the colder moments and the nights if necessary. There will be an other shaded space for workshops and chilling. Anybody who wants to bring their own tent, for more privacy is welcome to do so.

There will be two showers and compost toilets situated a bit outside the inner camp, where it will be possible to release yourself and have a hot shower. We ask you, if you do use soap and shampoo to bring a natural kind, so we harm the desert as little as possible.

We will have a big fire place to sit/dance/meditate around in the early mornings and nights.

The caj-shop, as I mentioned above, will be open in between the meals and after dinner.

What to bring?

  • -clothes for temperatures that range from 24*C during the day till 5*C at night. Bo bring something warm, when the sun goes down it can get cold..
  • -your toiletry
  • -(we will supply) but if you want your own sleeping bag, mattress and tent
  • -comfortable walking shoes (there are two hikes planned, at minimum cost, for the weekends) and anyway it’s an amazing place to wander around
  • -hat/sunglasses (even though it’s winter, the desert sun can be very strong)
  • -a small bag for trips
  • -very important a water bottle (desert=drink-drink-drink)
  • -cash money (the caj-shop will run on paper money and coins)