Samsare 2018

free butoh school team

Yun Ju Chen

Currently, she based in Düsseldorf, Germany. She finished her dance study at Folkwang Universität der Künste, Tanz(B.A.) Essen, Germany in 2016. Before she was studying at Taipei National University of the Arts(TNUA) Dance college from 2008-2012.

She worked with 30 Dance Theater(Taiwan), Brandy Leary Anandam Dancetheatre(Cananda), Cie. Willi Dorner company(Austria) also some choreographers, Fang-yi Hsu,Zhang Xiao Mei, Leoni McDonald, John Jasperse Francesca Zaccaria, Ivan Fatjo Chaves, Carla Jordan, and Robert Wilson during 2009-2018.

Her choreographic works:

  • <<CO2H2O>>
  • <<Träume sind Schäume>>
  • << Are You Afraid Of Growing Old?>>

present in (Essen, Germany) (Wuppertal, Germany (Durham, NC) (Brussels,Belgium) (Swinoujscie, Poland) (Bochum, Germany)(Munich, Germany) from 2014-2018

Maruska Ronchi

Contemporary dance and butoh are the artistic languages that most belong to her. She likes to think of the creative process as an alchemical process of dissolution, concretion and reiteration of this process, a work of transmutation of the corporeal matter (and the subtle body, the spirit).

She uses imagination and symbols, dreams and the unconscious to create her dance. She is fascinated by the enigma of how movement creates images and how images create the movement. Her research on movement evolves mainly in the direction of an organic and fluid movement, and the transmutation of body and soul matter.

She is interested in relations and interactions in wide meaning: relation of the body with the space, of bodies with other bodies, of one part of the body with another, of dance with music and other forms of art and, in general, of the human beings with what surrounds them and with what is inside of them. She worked many year with theater and dance companies, in the meanwhile she develop her own research and creations. Recently she focused more and more in butoh dance that awakens and revives in her the motivation, the pleasure and the taste of dance.

Rita Soma

Rita is an actress and butoh dancer, originally from Spain.

She entered the scenic arts by doing performance art and panic theater in Mexico.

After being trained in mime and physical theater in Spain two years ago, she began researching butoh, mainly in Mexico and at the Himalayan Subbody Butoh School in India.

Frank Luuring

Painter, creator, builder, artist who has been connected to the Rotterdam butoh scene since 2009.

First public performance as action painter in 2011 during Delfshaven Dans Festival.

Myka Victorine

From Portland, Oregon, USA, but currently on a worldly travel adventure to seek out the thresholds of simple living, spontaneous movement, vibrational healingwork and the sensation of swooning (aka spiritual experience).

Myka becomes unto the form of butoh with a background in embodied meditation stemming from Taoist Energywork, Core Shamanism, Tantra, and Osho meditations- led by a curiosity about what the "natural state" of the human animal mystic might be like.

Myka's work is also concerned with the environment and our relationship with it. Developing eco-resonance, a tantric connection and respect for entities of the wild has been a large part of the work thus far. "Eco Angst: The Birdcage", speaks to a dis-resonance with modern life and the lack of personal consent in how we are allowed to live and have ability to act in integrity with nature.

Anna Nela

Anna is a Butoh dancer, artist and pedagogue, based in Leipzig, East Germany.

She started her Butoh Studies at the Subbody Butoh School in Dharamshala.

Since the very beginning of her studies she offered courses and groups in somatic work and butoh for children and adults in India as well as in Germany.

Her main focus in her present research is to find never-ending definitions of beauty and the healing aspects of trauma in performance, dance, and Kimbuku/Shibari.

Anna's Art on Vimeo

Sanjay Ohnesorge

Cosmic Researcher

Marius Solana

Marius is a multi-disciplinary artist as researcher in the field of human evolution, awareness through the body, and in the healing potential of transformative dance.

His professional background is visual art, which enables him to catalyses his inherent somatic experiences into a transparent art-form named visual poetry.

He first encountered butoh dance at the Subbody Butoh School in the Indian Himalayas using a method which emphasizes strongly working with the subconscious, co-creation as on life resonance.

Further studies followed with different teachers in Europe, in particular with Atsushi Takenouchi which includes a more ritualized, shamanic approach to reconnect with the transcendental, ancestral as collective realm.

Donna Svasek

Bart van Lieshout

Aleksandra Konarska

Kristian Al-Droubi

Tala Svasek

Proposed Choreography Samsara Opening

This is a proposal to start the creative process. It is fully OK if we end up doing something completely different.

Following the body is the most important.

YO : about 6 minutes

we make two groups:

  • Strong & Slow
  • Agile & Playful

Strong & Slow, full clay and costume (invent your own costume) start in front of the stage facing the dancing ground and move slowly, ash walk style, towards the middle of the dancing ground.

at he same time

Agile & Playful, minimal costume, and together inside a big piece of cloth, playfully, like a happy single cell organism moves around looking here, smelling there, searching until at the middel of the dancing ground they meet Strong & Slow


Meeting of the tribes, group interaction, co-creation, action paint war, and whatever else we cook up...


  • The group action breaks up into solo's, duo's and trio's each moving as one creature (chimera technique for the duo's and trio's) moving into the crowd
  • at their own time, these creatures start involving the public, connecting with them and involving them into our performance
  • the party has started...