Montimaru System (spring 2019)

① Whitening (Returning to a neutral body-mind)

- Yoga Asana

- Body-scanning

- Space-expansion

② Basic movements (Discovering the maximum intensity of small simple movements)

- Standing

- Walking

- Twisting

- Standing and sinking

- Falling and re-standing

- Creation of body parts (hands, eyes, back, arms, legs)

③ Metamorphose (Discovering the unlimited diversity of different qualities of the body-mind-space)

③-1 Physical Level

- Different textures of body

③-2 Meta-physical Level

- Embodying visual images (paintings, video arts, natural elements)

- Embodying sounds

④ Creating a performance (Discovering how to transform personal journey into universal poem on the stage)

- Duo/group play

- Inner process of building solo/group performances (materials and scores)

- Time (continuity, flow, discontinuity, suspension...)

- Minimal and maximal polarities

- Relationship with music, objects, and costumes

- Coming into the space, disappearing from the space

- Composition and structured improvisation